Featured Content Issue 2.3

Issue 2.3, Summer 2017


Featured Content

Short Fiction Contest Winner: “Bagheera At Large” by Rachel Wright


JULIA counts twelve missing pet posters during her nightly walk: eight cats and four dogs. She worries that Bagheera isn’t getting enough to eat. He’s a big cat, and these are small animals. She tells herself that nobody puts up missing posters for opossums or raccoons. Nobody reports snakes or chipmunks missing. Still, Bagheera is an inexperienced hunter, and if he loses too much weight or muscle mass, he’ll never have the chance to improve. She hopes that he’s familiar enough with people not to think of them as food—even Finchie, he hadn’t eaten—but she’s not sure she believes it.

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Flash Fiction: “Hands” by Yuri Han


There are red hands on her thighs again and she writes a poem.

Father is a bulletmaker
Mother breaks eggs and babies
Brothers hooded
There’s little biology to it
I am a poet

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Poetry: “Zero” by Mingpei Li

Mingpei Li - photo

the zero at the start of every foreign number he jots down,
there isn’t the right participle to call it.
and so, i do not call it.

i watch a plane take off. when replayed in loop & reverse
(reverse & loop),
what i think i see is subduction, the earth rising up

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Featured Debut: “a constant dream-ghost” by A. Flores


Passing through the shopping district, this
fairly narrow, fan-shaped area reached the pinnacle of
chaos. But I too was already gone.

United in the shape of a distorted heart, some special optical phenomenon hid her soft body. In an atmosphere of gloom its frosted glass looked like a dim movie screen.

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Featured Art: Fariel Shafee




Garden of Desire