feature 1.2

Issue 1.2, Spring 2016

Featured Content

Short Fiction: “We Belong to the Sky” by Ser Anderson

IMG_3937Anil knew the moment she first set eyes on them. Mid-summer and the air smelled like tomato vines. She was crouched next to her mother, a smaller copy of the short, dark haired woman, toes wiggling into the dark earth, arms wrapped around her knees, paying more attention to the orange cat on the garden wall than to her mother’s explanation of how to thin carrots.

The dark shadow that swooped over them drew her eyes upwards.

“Look, Ma,” she pointed. Together they watched the two men on their huge white swan wings circle lower and lower until they disappeared behind the neighbor’s house.

                                                              That was supposed to be her.  Full Story


Flash: “Plucking Petals” by A. Riding

flaviacMy whole life, every flower I saw was Icarus …

And to me, everything and everyone was a flower … really, a flower, a precious flower. I did everything I could. I warned them of the sun. I warned you. I nagged at you until you drooped. I tried to place myself as a shield between you and the sun. I tried to be your visor. But you can’t help everyone at once. You can’t make everyone stay still. Stay still. Behind me, you floated up … up … up.
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Poetry: “My Father Was A Beekeeper” by James Croal Jackson

James Croal Jackson

I always knew my father was allergic to bees
but it wasn’t until his obituary
I learned he was once a beekeeper.

In those days, I hear, he prayed
to his veil– only to re-emerge, hours later,
having danced with God
under every umber swarm.

He was a gifted storyteller
but it wasn’t until his stroke
at seventy-four made me listen,
when his mouth betrayed his brain.
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Debut: “The Red Winged Bird” by Paris Norris

Paris Norris - Photo

There was this bird with red wings
and a charcoal belly that left traces of ash in its path
It reeked of misery with its violently arrogant flight
I, incapable, no taller than fears height

There was this ocean-eyed bird
and it laid small with its charismatic wing span
lily padded breaths lost in the valley…
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Fine Art: Madison Creech




Featured mixed media by Madison Creech