Featured Content Issue 1.1

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Issue 1.1, Winter 2016

Featured Content

Fiction: “Echoes of Time” by Annette Covrigaru *short fiction contest winner



Queens, New York. 2013.

“A cousin give me this,” she says, smoothing over the brooch with her thumb. “She give me this before she left Romania. And then her ship was sank by Germans and she die.” My grandmother asks if I would like any more sherry, which she keeps in a glass medicine bottle. I am silent as she pours me another shot. “Is why I don’t like fish. When I eat I think the fish eat her and I eat the fish. Is spoiled.”Full Story



Creative Nonfiction: “The Day You Find Out Your Uncle Was Gunned Down By Police” by Lis Anna-Langston

Lis Anna-Langston  Author Photo

The day you find out your uncle was gunned down by police is a normal day. Normal as it gets.   Thursday. Perhaps the day before you were thinking about throwback Thursday photos. Planning what to post. This one. That one. You were definitely thinking about the dream where people kept telling you someone from the dead was trying to make contact. You were definitely thinking about that dream. Which is why you look your uncle up on the internet. With a cup of coffee in hand, no almond milk because you are lactose intolerant and too lazy to drive to Trader Joe’s on Wednesday night. Remember, it is Thursday. The day you find out your uncle was gunned down by police. Full Story



Poetry: “Palm Lines” by Michael Mira

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The lines on my palms
are deeply engraved.
They resemble bare-naked
trees in Chernobyl,
or the veins of cloverleaves
pressed in your grandmother’s Bible,
or the roots of a young sapling
penetrating through the soil,
digging deeper into the earth
because it wants more—needs more.
Full Poem


Fine Art: Julie Ormonde

Headshot by Julie Ormonde




Featured photography by Julie Ormonde





Collage: Bill Wolak





Featured collages by Bill Wolak