Featured Fine Art: Natasa Ilincic


Two Nereids watching fishermen sail at dawn

you're not alone

You’re Not Alone





Nataša Ilinčić is an artist and illustrator (among other things) with a home somewhere between Italy, Scotland and Croatia. Most of her work is focused on nature and its relationship with mythology, folklore, and the feminine. Her weapon of choice is watercolour, often mixed with acrylics, ink, pastels and a touch of digital painting.

Natasa’s works have been published in books (The Illuminated Edda by Fate of the Norns, The Heirs of Bastet by Elena Romanello, Seith and Sword by Chris Challice, Horn of the Kraken by Stephen B. Pearl, and Voci dall’Iperuranio by Angela Patrono), magazines (Circle Magazine, The Celtic Connection, Engranajes, vapor y lámparas de gas, Vølse, and the Danish Membermagazine for Asatruar); cardgames (Gulveig, Fate of the Norns, by Pendelhaven Games), as well as books for role-playing games (Ragnarok: Denizens of the North, by Fate of the Norns); and have been exhibited at various festivals (including Pandino Fantasy Books and San Giorgio di Mantova Fantasy) and on a solo exhibition in Montereale Valcellina (PN).

Natasa is also author of “Agana”, an illustrated story based on Northern Italian folklore and was the designer behind Beltane’s poster for the Edinburgh Fire Festival 2015. Her artwork can be found at natasailincic.com, and natasailincic.tumblr.com. Follow Nata at @natasailincic.


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