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Issue 1.2, Spring 2016

Issue 1.2 of Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal is available to purchase in our store or to peruse below. A heartfelt thank you to all our contributors and readers.

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news 1: Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal’s Inaugural Issue

Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal is accepting submissions for its inaugural issue, to be released in Winter 2016.

Please see our submission guidelines for information on contributing art, fiction, and poetry.

We look forward to reading your work!

news 7: Our theme for issue 1.2 is winged things.

Send us your stories of angels and owls, your poems of dragons and butterflies, your paintings of ravens and mosquitoes. Send your sketches of faeries and fireflies, your sculptures of pterodactyls and peacocks, your lithographs of phoenixes and flying monkeys. We can’t wait to see them.

We will be reading for the spring issue until March 15th… and we’ve already received some amazing poetry and flash. Very much looking forward to reading more short fiction and art.

news 6: Our first issue is out!

Much thanks to all of our supporters and contributors. We were successful in meeting our initial kickstarter goal, thanks to our generous backers. We will be open to submissions for the spring issue on January 15th, and looking for work about “winged things.”

In addition, here are our top 10 launch party contest picks:

Topic 1: A Trip to the Moon

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.58.00 AM

@NewsFromDave: “fact. before george melies was a filmmaker, he was a magician. in fact, it was his background in magic that led him to film.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.24.24 AM




@nerdpimp: When she said I love you to the moon I thought she’d take me with her

Topic 2: Vertigo

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.32.38 AM
Annie McQueen



@Deb94430856: Visiting the Eiffel Tower overlooking the magnificent city of Paris I was unable to see anything as I stood glued to the walls.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.36.01 AM
@NewsFromDave: fact. the tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, in dubai, which at 2,717 ft tall is almost as tall as Windham Mountain


@danamelee: UP…up….up…..up…..up…….up…….up……up.

@nerdpimp: she said she sees me in the sky & smiles. I thought I must be looking down from great heights

Topic 3: Cave Mountain

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.38.14 AM

Topic 4: Good Night and Good Luck

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.40.28 AM

Thanks again to all!

news 5: Digital Launch Party Tonight!

8pm. Twitter. @kBlJournal.

We’ll give you one topic for each hour. You’ll make something related to that and tweet it back to us. A poem. A selfie. A drawing on a bar napkin. An interpretive dance.

The best each hour gets a fabulous prize.

The top 10 get published on the website.

Everyone who enters gets a free digital copy of the inaugural issue.

Be there or be so, so square.

news 3: Help us get started!

Five dollars will pre-order you our first electronic issue.

Please view our kickstarter site and consider contributing.

Why do we need a kickstart?

We’re volunteer writers and artists. We have no budget because we’re not affiliated with a University, press, or corporation like many art and literary journals are. We have basic costs to cover- web hosting, submission software at the most basic level.

We want to do more. We want to pay our cover artists and contributors. We believe artists and writers should be compensated for their work. Paying cover artists and contributors will be a priority if we meet budget goals.

We’d also like to release print copies. Our bare minimum goal for that is one print anthology per year.

Here’s a frank breakdown: If we meet our initial $500 goal, we will be able to launch our first issue and cover the web and software expenses for our first year.

From there, we’ll work hard to raise money by delivering a beautiful product showcasing the best art and literature from emerging and established artists.

Thank you for being part of this with us. Even if you can’t contribute a single cent, the mere fact that you are reading this shows support. The fact that you are visiting the website and that many of you are submitting amazing work to us shows support. We appreciate it.

news 2: First Annual Short Fiction Contest

In what we hope will be an annual tradition, kBlJ is holding a short fiction contest.

The theme for this year’s contest is heart of winter.

  • The contest will open on December 2nd at 12.01am and will close on 12.00am January 2nd.
  • We will consider flash fiction pieces up to 1,000 words and short stories between 1,001 and 5,000 words.
  • We will accept multiple submissions, but each must be submitted separately.
  • No simultaneous submissions for the contest. We’re very fast and you will hear from us in a week at the longest, either to inform you that your story has been declined or shortlisted.
  • The winner will receive payment of .05 per word for stories up to 1,000 words or $50 for stories 1,001 to 5,000 words long. and will be published in the inaugural issue of Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal. In addition, the two runners up will also be published in an upcoming issue.
  • There will be an entry fee of $3.00 (American).

Full details at:

Enter at: