Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal is a new quarterly electronic journal showcasing unique and beautiful writing and artwork.

kBlJ loves the strange, the experimental, the disastrously gorgeous, and the simply lovely. We publish short and flash fiction, poetry, poetic prose, word art, found art, and anything else that strikes us as wonderful.

Welcome to our world. We hope you enjoy what you find here.





Announcing theme for fall issue!

Issue 1.4, to be released this October, will be themed “Oh, the horror!”

We will be looking for fiction, poetry, and art in the horror genre, with a special focus on that which is weird, bizarre, and creepy. Our basic standards remain. No gore, no porn, no hate violence. We are hoping to find some Twilight Zone-level gems of oddness. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate good old fashioned ghost stories, either. If it’s well written and scares us, we want to read it.


Introducing 10o Rejections in 100 Days

Our new web feature is up. For the next 100 days we will be logging, blogging, and celebrating rejection letters and the other rejections that come with the artistic endeavors we embark on. They’re here to stay, so we might as well get comfortable with them and if we dare, even befrenemy them. Stay tuned for more new web content!

Issue 1.2 featured content is up!

The full issue will be released soon. In the meantime, enjoy short fiction by Ser Anderson, flash by A. Riding, fine art by Madison Creech, poetry by James Croal Jackson, and a debut poem by Paris Norris.